September 13 – Jim Price – ‘The Power and Response to Stories’

September 5 – Rev. Kelli – ‘For Such Time as This’

August 8 – Jim Price – ‘The Courage to be Vulnerable’

June 13 – Jim Price – ‘Patterns of Karma’

June 7 – Rev. Kelli – ‘We Are All Treaty People’

May 9 – Jim Price – ‘The Story of Interbeing’

May 3 – Rev. Kelli – ‘What’s the Best Use of You: Finding Our Highest Good’

April 11 – Jim Price- ‘Awe Wonder Beauty’

April 4 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Old Songs Sung Anew: Easter for Unitarian Universalists

March 14 – Jim Price- ‘What is an Elder’

March 7 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Deciding Not To Stay: Commitment and Courage’

February 21 – Chris Stedman – ‘What We Can Learn About Being Human From Life Online’

February 7 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Progress Not Perfection: Spiritual Wholeness in Beloved Community’

January 17 – Larry McDonough and Richard Terrill – ‘Sources’

January 3 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Imagine a New World: What Difference Can We Make?

Tony Loyd
Tony Loyd, author, speaker and podcast host, discussed the science of climate change.
Larry McDonough & Richard Terrill
St. Paul jazz pianist and singer Larry McDonough and saxophonist and poet Richard Terrill presented “Sources,” a Jazz & Poetry Service.
David Roth
Nationally renowned singer and award-winning songwriter David Roth performed at a SCUUF service


December 13 – Jim Price – ‘Returning Light in the Winter of our Repair’

December 6 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Toward Spiritual Wholeness: Love Made Manifest’

November 1 – Rev. Kelli – ‘What’s Next: Healing Ourselves, Healing the Whole with Reverend Kelli Clement’

October 11 – Jim Price – ‘Finding Trust in a Spinning World’

October 4 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Renewal and Resolve: Bearing Witness to History’

September 13 – Jim Price – ‘Transformation Through Difficulty’

August 9 – Jim Price – ‘The Three Questions with Jim Price’

July 5 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Fellowship with Reverend Kelli Clement’

June 7 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Rings of Fire’

May 3 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Who will we be’

April 5 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Freedom from Fear: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It’

March 22 – Rev. Kelli – ‘Connected’

Recent Activities

Cultural Jam eventSCUUFers attended Cultural Jambalaya’s Diversity Awards to honor those who have advanced multiculturalism and cultural diversity in their communities. 

SCUUF at Community CenterSCUUFers gathered at the Community Center in Taylors Falls to hear Tony Loyd  speak on climate change.