Art by Ilsa Ross

What’s a Fellowship?

We are a small, lay-led congregation and have chosen to call ourselves a fellowship instead of a church.  We meet on Sunday mornings to join in worship services, which are typically guided by fellowship members and friends from the community.  The first Sunday of the month is led by our minister Rev. Kelli Clement. Other services may be led by a professional minister from another faith tradition, a member of our fellowship or a leader in our community.  We hold worship services the first three Sundays of each month and often have a “Go Forth” event on the fourth Sunday of the month where we gather as a fellowship in a planned activity outside the worship service setting.  

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?

Unitarian Universalism is an inclusive faith drawn from many sources.  We affirm and uphold seven Principles that allow each individual room for spiritual growth in their search for truth and meaning.   Are my beliefs welcome?  We welcome people of different faith backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs.  Come share your true self and join us in an open-hearted search for growth and meaning.  

What is a typical Sunday Service like?

Sunday service topics at St. Croix Unitarian Universalist Fellowship vary widely from week to week as we explore ways to understand the world and to uphold the seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism.  Whether the focus of a service features various cultural and faith-based traditions, meditation and mindfulness, or discussions on how to serve the community and beyond, our gatherings have rhythm and ritual.  Sunday services typically begin as we light the chalice, the symbol of the Unitarian Universalist faith.  We invite those present to share joys and sorrows so that the fellowship may sustain us in times of need and smile with us in times of joy.  We typically sing Unitarian Universalist hymns, songs related to the topic of the service or listen to music in contemplation.  

Can children attend services?

Children are always welcome at services.  Children may sit with their parents during the services or play with toys nearby (close to their parent for supervision as needed).  We currently do not have specific children’s programs but have set this as a priority for expansion of our fellowship’s services.  Please join us and let us know what we can do to serve the faith needs of your family. 

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you comfortable.  Attire varies from “Sunday best” to “we’re going hiking in the State Park after the service.”